I’m alive and well….

There’s a fairly current Kenny Chesney/Dave Matthews song – I’m Alive – with the following Lyrics:

 And today you know that’s good enough for me;  
Breathing in and out is a blessing can’t you see; Today is the first day of the rest of my life; Now I’m alive, and well ….. 

In 2 weeks, on October 21st – I’ll be donating a kidney to someone I consider a friend, and who is also my boss.  It’s been a crazy road to get this far and through this blog hope to share some of the challenges, considerations, and hopes for the future.   The kidney recipient, Lisa, will also be posting to this blog.  Back to the song….  it’s an incredible gift to have good health and if you read my “about” section you’ll see that my professional life is all about health care quality – so while I can celebrate life and health – I also feel that I can share that.  Lisa needs a new kidney to live – I just happen to be a match.  I’m hoping my donation leads to Lisa being “alive and well”.


2 thoughts on “I’m alive and well….

  1. Very very proud of you! !!!

  2. I am wishing you, Lisa and Sarah the very best throughout all that is happening. I am praying with every part of my mind and soul for everything to go 100% on Thursday!!! I will be talking with Grandma Ady for updates. Take care, I love you Lisala and Sarah even though I do not know you, you are a SAINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Love to both of you,

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