Curiosity killed the cat…

Sebastian and Kirby would probably be offended with such a title! But I’m getting a lot of questions regarding the “logistical stuff” involved in being a long-distance donor so thought perhaps someone considering doing this might want to know a bit more. And for those of you who didn’t want to ask, now you’ll know!

Oddly, at this point in the process (8 days until surgery if anyone is counting….), I’ve never met the transplant team. We’ve done everything by email, phone, fax, mail and Fedex to date. It’s my understanding that some transplant centers have the donor come onsite for all of the evaluative tests/screenings/probings, etc., but I’ve been able to do all of that in Albuquerque and have my results sent to UC-Denver. Next week is the first time I’ll meet everyone.

My pre-op work-up will take place on Tuesday the 19th – I’ll meet with the donor coordinator, social worker and surgical resident. I have to be “consented” that day – meaning they should aprise me of all the risks of the surgery, make sure I understand and officially sign away my kidney. This is also when I tell them about my wishes (advanced directives) should anything go awry, etc. Oh yeah, and I have to remember to stress my total unwillingness to take percocet hate the stuff.

My mom and sister will arrive in Denver on Tuesday and we are going to head to Boulder to check out the scene. We hope to spend part of Wednesday in Rocky Mountain National Park. We’ll then head back to Denver to meet up with Lisa and her family. That should be a fun, yet I’m sure a bit anxious evening.

Rumor has it that I need to be at the hospital at 5:45 am (yes, that’s in the morning!) on Thursday. I’m not sure of details on what happens then – I get to learn that during my pre-op visit but have been advised to keep Wednesday evening’s meal light. I think I was told how long the surgery would be, but can’t remember. Or maybe that’s called conscious avoidance? It’s anticipated both Lisa and I will be released on Sunday the 24th. At that point, I’ll head to a friend’s who swears I won’t be a burden. She has never experienced grumpy, in pain Sarah! I am expected to stay in Denver until the 28th. Won’t be able to drive for 2 weeks post-surgery – basically I might feel fine, but the medical team advises against it since it takes that long for anesthesia to leave the body.

And now for a few thank you’s:
– Sandi from Terre Verde Farms (see links….) for giving me the inspiration for today’s blog
– Mary and Bob Hothem who will be housing me post-surgery (really…..I’ll try to behave)
– Marie Frank, my friend and neighbor in Rio Rancho who will care for the cats, and help acclimate my mom when she gets to my house
– Larry and Ann (I’m too lazy to look up last names right now), but my other wonderful neighbors who have agreed to watch over my tomato plants and be prepared to pick them should we get a frreeze
– Caz Matthews – a great friend of Lisa’s who has offered to let my mom and sister use her house in Denver for the few nights they are there.
– Michele Forto – from Denver Dog Works who gets control of Brin, Gabby and Bingley!

I know I’m missing folks and will have to keep adding in the days to come. There’s this saying that I’ve really be drawn to in the past – the more people I meet, the more I like my dog(s). I’m really pleased to say that humans are again gaining ground and I’m overwhelmed with the notes of support! TTFN


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