Brutus Buckeye

This is not exactly a priority, but it’s a great day when one can spend the majority of the day outside and then come in to watch Buckeye football! Lisa, I hope you like college football, because I’m sure my kidney does. Someone mentioned it should get a name – I’m voting for Brutus! Now, back to thinking about priorities…

This has really been a crazy week. This whole kidney donation process makes one really spend some time reflecting, but also thinking about the future. For me, when considering the future, I’m thinking about the needs to keep my weight within normal BMI range and my blood pressure low. On the blood pressure front, I’ve always been blessed with normal to low BP. I can expect a 5-15 bump with one kidney – so will have to start watching it. Weight, well that’s another story. About 3 years ago I was at an all-time high and nearing the obesity mark for BMI. I lost 30 pounds, but remain a bit into the overweight range. The transplant donor coordinator indicated that as long as I stay below 28 BMI, I should prevent diabetes. But that’s not good enough for me. I want to be in that normal range and I want to stay there. So, there are my 2 health priorities. Focusing on healthy weight and BP though, also made me think a whole bunch about my professional future. Those who know me, know I thrive on challenge and could be called a bit of a work-a-holic and even Type A! A few months ago I had applied for a promotion, one that would provide me some incredible experience, would require a move to Indianapolis, and be pretty visible within our company. Well, this kidney thing really got me thinking – and this week, I withdrew from consideration for that position. Hopefully it won’t be a negative mark against me – but I don’t think I want to go back into the rat race. I kind of like living someplace where the sun comes out every day, the skies are nearly always an incredible blue, there are hot air balloons galore and who can beat my work attire? I was also going to be sad to miss seeing my yard “grow up.” I’ve been in my house for a little over 2 years now, and have spent a lot of time and money on getting the back yard landscaped. It’s not there yet – but it’s finally showing progress.

Uh oh – Buckeyes might get beat. Boo! I still like the name Brutus for the kidney though…..


One thought on “Priorities

  1. Sarah – hate to tell you but we are gophers. While a gopher and a buckeye look remarkable similar, we might have a problem here! lisa

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