Not my best day

Today was an incredibly busy day.  Started at 8am at the acute dialysis unit for plasma exchange.  They drew off my plasma and replaced it with normal saline (salt water) and albumin (protein).  This was to remove antibodies from my blood that might react with Sarah’s kidney.  That took a couple of hours.

Next was dialysis.  Some genius decided that since I was having surgery on Thursday they should not use heparin with dialysis.  Only problem is if you don’t use heparin, a blood thinner, you clot, and clot I did.  It made dialysis a nightmare and what is normally a 4 ½ hour process took closer to 5 ½.  In addition, they took off too much fluid and my blood pressure dropped.  I got nauseated, sweaty, and just about passed out.  It would be an understatement to say this is unpleasant and basically it takes me a while to recover when it happens. It has only happened once before and that was when the financial guys were visiting me at dialysis to close on my mortgage refinance.  How embarrassing is that! Finally we used a clot buster to open my dialysis catheter, started the heparin and the last 45 minutes went smoothly. I figure this is someone’s plan to make me really really hate dialysis, even more than I already do.

After dialysis I went up to the outpatient infusion center for the IVIG and first dose of eculizumab.  The nurses in the unit were pretty nervous since they had never administered this before, but all went smoothly.  I was incredibly late because of dialysis and all told didn’t leave the hospital until almost 6pm.

Sarah drove up today from New Mexico which is making this all seem much more real. Instead of packing yesterday she spend the day baking 14 loaves of bread to bring up for everyone – can you believe that – we are supposed to be taking care of her and she bakes bread for all of us!

Unfortunately it took Bingley all of three minutes to eat an entire loaf of honey oat bread.  I’m sorry Sarah! Tomorrow is the last day in the office.  Two days to go!



2 thoughts on “Not my best day

  1. Mitzi and Terry Kane

    Dear Lisa and Sarah,

    Terry and I are thinking about you and hoping that ALL goes well and smoothly for both of you.

    You are both incredible women.

    Our best wishes,

    Mitzi and Terry

  2. Lisa and Sarah,

    Only one day to go as you prepare for what lies ahead. You are wonderfully strong and amazing women. Keep up your strength and know that my love and prayers are with you as you prepare for this next phase of your journey.

    I’m thinking of you and will be following you on your blog. Best wishes!


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