Probably shouldn’t blog…!

Is there an alcohol limit on blogging? I should mention that I have not been drinking for a few weeks now – well – LISA made me go out to meet some friends of hers and 2 glasses of wine later….this is what you get. The drive to Denver was uneventful. The dogs did GREAT! I stopped once for gas and my own potty break (gotta love those kidneys!); and then once 1/2 way for them. We arrived at Denver Dog Works on time at 4 pm and the dogs are now in residence and under the command of Michele Forto until November 8th. And yes, I was quite weepy when leaving them. I have not left them for this long since I’ve had either. My buddies.

Lisa has some incredible friends. Caz is hosting my sister and mom for a couple nights while in Denver and then has offered to let me stay when I have to return to get the pups in 3 weeks. All of these women that Lisa is blessed to have in her life were so welcoming and thankful – it was just a pleasure to hang out with them for a couple hours. This was the second time I met some of them and they are all just insprirations!

With that, my 2 glass of wine brain is befuddled. Pre-op for me is tomorrow. And funny, since we started blogging -this is the first time Lisa and I have been in the same room (and city) – she’s on her laptop, I’m on mine! Kris (sister) and my mom arrive tomorrow and we’ll head to Boulder for some R&R before Thursday.


2 thoughts on “Probably shouldn’t blog…

  1. Great post! And thanks for the mention of Denver Dog Works!

    Good luck to both of you guys! You are in my thoughts and prayers. Dont stop blogging just because the procedure is over!

    Take Care,

    Robert Forto, PhD
    Dog Works Training Centers
    Team Ineka
    Iditarod Bound 2013

  2. Sarah and Lisa,

    I’m praying that everything goes well.

    I’m also praying for all the pups, kitties and babies. This is going to be rough on them!


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