In 12 hours, Lisa and I are expected at the hospital. 5:30 am is kind of cruel. But even worse, I was told that because I have a “caffiene issue”, I should plan to have some coffee or a coke sometime prior to 3:30 am (which is my last call for anything prior to surgery). Should I forgo my caffiene fix, it’s quite likely that I’ll awake from anesthesia with a killer headache. Nice – I’m gonna have quite a tummy ache and a headache?

So, as we move forward….what I’m hoping:
1. That both Lisa and I have the outcomes the UCD surgical team seems so sure of…
2. That I don’t get a headache!
3. That only having one kidney will mean I pee less often (and anyone who shops with me should have this hope too!)
4. That I don’t drive Mary and Bob nuts during my forced stay in Denver
5. That my dogs are super well behaved and LOVE leash walking when I pick them up
6. That Bingley, Brin and Gabzilla are having a wonderful time at Denver Dog Works
7. That our families and friends aren’t too distressed by all of this

I’m sure there are more – but really – the most important – that Sophie and Daniel have a long, long time to treasure their mom. We’re all hoping that Lisa’s condition doesn’t re-assert itself, but if it does – no regrets. We’ll never know an outcome or get closer to perfection if we don’t try in the first place.

I know a lot of folks want personal updates, but at least from my end – I’m not asking my family to call anyone other than family and anyone they committed to doing so. We will be granting access to this blog for an update sometime on Thursday. Surgery is at 7:30 a.m.; they expect us both to be out of surgery by 10 am; and in the pacu. After that we’ll go to individual rooms – they don’t put the donor and recipient together. The concern is that they worry too much about each other and not their own respective recovery and pain management. After 24 hours we may be put in the same room, but it’s all about availability.

Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers.


7 thoughts on “Hope…

  1. I wish you and Lisa the best. My thoughts and prayers are with you both. Thanks so much for giving Lisa the possibility of having a “normal” life with her children (without dialysis). I know it means a lot to her and to the people who love her.
    Take care! Indiana is sending lots of positive energy your way!
    Elizabeth at Anthem

  2. Best of luck Sarah and Lisa. Prayers are being said and fingers are crossed.

  3. I’ve never known you to be so sentimental, Sarah. This was a great post. I’m sure all your hopes for everyday after today will come true. You’re in good hands and you’re such a great person for doing this. I’ll be thinking about you today. ❤

  4. I’m sure everything is going to turn out just fine – Good luck with #5!!

    Barry – Dog Days Doggie Day Care

  5. A little late but I have been thinking of you both all day. I hope things went well!

  6. Dear sarah, We love you so much. I hope everything went as planned. I am looking forward to the next blog. Stay strong!!! Maren

  7. Hi Sarah: Caffiene issues….that’s funny! If it was me I would been up at 3:30 chugging Diet Coke. 🙂 Dang 5:30 is crazy….remember when we’d be up partying until almost that time? Love u

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