Update on Lisa and Sarah

No, Sarah is not posting…. yet. This is a note from Karen and Mary to let all of you know how the big day went. So far, so good! Sarah and Lisa are in their rooms on the transplant floor across the hall from each other. They look good and feel good. Rumor has it that the pain may be worse tomorrow, but for today it is very manageable. Their families were with them throughout the afternoon and went home for an evening meal. Tomorrow morning’s labs are the next hurdle and will indicate how much work Brutus (see Sarah’s earlier post… she is calling the transplanted kidney Brutus) is doing.
Now that we can get into this site, even if we are doing it as ‘Sarah’, we’ll keep you up to date on their progress over the next couple days through this blog. Continued prayers and well wishes are very much appreciated!


7 thoughts on “Update on Lisa and Sarah

  1. Andrea and Boyd

    So glad to hear! I was thinking of you both all day!

  2. Mitzi and Terry Kane

    So happy to get the latest update. Hope tomorrow will go well.

    So glad the first part went well and is over.


    Mitzi and Terry

  3. Thinking of you and sending all My positive thoughts and energy!!!

  4. We are so attentive out here. On edge, one might say. Reading! Listening! Waiting! How good the news about the first step. We’ll return here often for news of the coming tests. We’ll keep wishing and hoping (I think that is what prayer is, but I’m not sure)! And, we send good thoughts and good wishes to Sarah and Lisa.

  5. Good news! Thank you for the update. Positive thoughts for today for Brutus, Lisa, and Sarah.

  6. Glad to hear things went well! May Brutus’s GFR exceed expectations!

  7. Thinking about you often and hoping all is well. So glad the surgery was successful and you are both in speedy recovery mode. Do they allow flowers (or chocolate) in the recovery ward?? Best wishes and lots of love!

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