lost a post…

I just finished a post, and seemed to have lost it. But with my tummy starting to begin a fit of discomfort will have to look for inspiration tomorrow. Today’s summary is that both Lisa and I continue to improve. While I’m certainly not up for a marathon or even a 5K, I’m feeling pretty good and have progressed to solid foods. Lisa is also eating from the menu – no more clear liqiud diet, and we’re looking at coldstone ice cream tomorrow! I can’t tell you how much the well wishes, support and prayers have meant for us. Thank you! More to come on this experience.


5 thoughts on “lost a post…

  1. Wow, you even got a t-shirt? Glad you & Lisa are both doing well! How’s Brutus? Love, Dawn

  2. Lisa and Sarah,

    Speedy recovery and joy-filled days in your future.


  3. Dearest Sarah, I was very happy to see your post on the blog because we had not heard from you during that critical time right after the surgery. I am so glad the both you and Lisa are recovering nicely. You were on my mind last night and first thing this morning so Glory to God!! Praying for the healing to be swift and perfect in every way.

    We have six sleepovers today and miss Brin and Gabby though I know they are safe where they are and are having another learning experience that will enrich their happy lives.

    Love from Maren & Barry

  4. So glad to hear you guys are improving every day! We miss you here at home, can’t wait to see you all back to normal!

  5. So does Lisa get a t-shirt too?

    “My friend went to Denver and all I got was this lousy kidney”

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