Progressing nicely….

This will be another short post – the reality of all of this is that while I think both Lisa and I feel better than expected – our bodies are still sending signals of need for rest. I had a rough night last night – one because they were pushing so much liquid my bladder needed constant emptying (pretty much once an hour) and two, because I wasn’t handling the vicodan so well. Most pain meds need to be dosed with food, and because my appetite has been so poor, it was just difficult to handle both. I seem to have that under control today. I’m pretty much unhooked from everything at this point. I have an IV line in my arm, but am not receiving fluids and my heart monitor is now off. That’s really a big deal – I can now get out of bed without taking “my buddy” the IV stand. It was a much better loose leash walker than Brin though! Lisa and I did three laps around the floor this evening (she still has her IV buddy and catheter to keep her company), and then enjoyed a nice gift of Coldstone Ice Cream -chocolate ice cream, with peanut butter and Reece’s Peanut Butter cups mixed in. Yum! Tomorrow’s plan…..I get released! Mary will come get me around 1 pm and I’ll head to the Hothem household until I can fly home on Thursday. Lisa will stay in another day. They want to keep her catheter in, and I’d agree that it will be easier to manage at the hospital vs. around 2 10 1/2 month olds! Oh! The other excitement today – I got to take a shower! Really, don’t know when one has felt better.

Both Lisa and I have a lot to share about the experiences of this week, and we promise to do so – just need a bit more time to really feel up those deep thoughts…..


4 thoughts on “Progressing nicely….

  1. Hi Sarah & Lisa – so glad to hear of the wonderful progress!! Keep up the good work and I am sure there is more ice cream in the picture!!

  2. I cannot believe how fast you two are recovering! This is wonderful! And about that shower, I’m sure it was even better than the ice cream!

    Great news to read first thing in the morning. Thank you for taking the time to share.

  3. Kim Schneider Malek

    Lisa and Sarah,
    We (Sarah, we share a backyard with Lisa) are sending you our prayers for whatever it is you need to get through this day…rest, peace of mind, love, whatever.

    Kim, Charles, Molly, Jacob, and Henry Malek

  4. Hi Sarah
    Glad to hear everything is going well for both of you =) And I am very glad to hear you can still eat ice cream – I was afraid your new lifestyle was going to change that. Keep the updates coming…

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