Brutus (and Lisa) are home

I am so happy to finally be out of the hospital! I was in for 5 days total. Brutus (Sarah’s kidney) performed like a champ. It started making urine immediately after it was hooked up to me, and my creatinine, the measure of my kidney function, dropped to normal within 48 hours. I am still fairly groggy from the drugs so will explain the procedure in detail in a future post. To prevent rejection right away, they blasted my body with 500 mg of Solu-medrol, an IV steroid, followed by 250mg on day 2 and 125 mg on day 3. Yesterday, day 4, they started 20 mg of prednisone, which will be my maintenance dose for a while. I am on two other anti-rejection drugs as well – CellCept and Myfortic. I have had 4 doses of plasma exchange and will have one more tomorrow.

It is great to be home. Babies were a little shy when they first saw me – I suspect I smell like hospital or at least strange medicines. Key now is to monitor for rejection and recurrence of the HUS but so far all has gone really well. Sarah is truly an inspiration – she has come through this like a champ. She got on the treadmill today! I have much more I want blog about with this experience but right now need to get my meds in order, take a shower and get a great night’s sleep. Thank you to everyone for all the prayers and good wishes.


8 thoughts on “Brutus (and Lisa) are home

  1. Welcome home and congratulations! I hope I can meet Sarah someday. You are both amazing people!

  2. Brutus is all yours now Lisa….no longer mine. I hope it serves you well and for a long, long time!

  3. Lisa, so glad you are home! I hope you and Sarah both continue to feel better everyday. I can’t believe she already did 2 miles on the treadmill — I can barely do that. Thank you to you both for sharing your incredible journey’s with us!

  4. So glad that you are both doing well!! The treadmill story is really embarrassing for the rest of us who may be whining as we work out. I keep thinking that Sara, Lisa, and BRUTUS should be asked to dot the Ohio “I” at an Ohio State football game. What a story in courage and perseverance.

  5. Great news to start the day! Welcome home and hurray for you and Sara!

  6. Correction – Sarah.

  7. Amazing What an experience, but humbling and inspiring.

  8. Mitzi and Terry Kane

    Dear Lisa and Sarah,

    You both have been unbelievable in telling your stories.

    We hope and pray that all continues to go well as both of you deserve smooth sailing from now on.

    Looking forward to a happy ending and the rest of the story.

    Best wishes to you both,

    Mitzi and Terry

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