Wine and vicodan…

They don’t go together well.
I had decided that since I only had 1/2 vicodan at like 1 pm; a glass of wine at 8 would be perfectly fine. Ummmm. No. It causes dizziness (just in case you were wondering!).

I was sprung from the house today. Mary and I went to see Wall Street right before matinees ended for the day. I was also re-united with my best buddy popcorn. A grand day. Tomorrow Mary is going to let me cook! I haven’t volunteered to clean (surprise!), but I’m starting my stir crazy mode.

I wanted to share the rest of the hospital experience, for anyone interested, but have to plead lack of ability to focus.

Something I’ve ben thinking about today – whose kidney is it now? I really don’t feel any strong attachment to it – in fact, due to the total lack of recollection of the entire sugery experience, for all I know – they left it in and gave Lisa a placebo. Okay, totally the wine talking!

Lisa was not sure she’d blog this evening – she had a busy day with some back and forth for testing and treatment.


One thought on “Wine and vicodan…

  1. Glad you are thinking about cooking- a very good sign. Take care and rest a little more than you think you should. Makes for a speedier recovery in my experience.

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