Eleven Months

bzzzzzzzzWhat the heck have you got on?

Daniel with his favorite toy, my father's walker!

Yesterday the babies were 11 months old. It is hard to believe that this all started eleven months ago. That is when I took the bizarre leap from doctor to patient. I had a bit of a disorienting moment lying in express admit on Friday in my lovely hospital gown wondering how the hell did I get there? I am supposed to be on the other side of the bed helping other people.

As Karen wrote, Brutus had a little hiccup the other day. I had a feeling of what we call “impending doom” on Wednesday and Thursday and sure enough my creatinine was elevated on Thursday to 1.3 and up to 1.5 on Friday. The reasons could be many (perhaps it was an extension of the pummeling Ohio State gave the Minnesota Gophers on Saturday) but the most likely reason is early rejection. According to Alex Weisman, the chairman of the transplant program, about 20-25% of kidney recipients will have an episode like this within the first month after transplant. There are several different kinds of rejection and without a biopsy you don’t know exactly what you are dealing with. Because I was on the low molecular weight heparin (blood thinner) shots, and have a really low hematocrit (18 on Saturday),they were not too excited about a biopsy and the surgeons and nephrologists recommended empiric treatment.

So on Friday I got the first of 3 doses of high dose steroids. As if my face wasn’t getting fat enough! They admitted me to hospital, yuck, and I also got a round of plasma exchange. Saturday, good news, my creatinine was back down to 1.33 and today it was 1.34. I completed the three high dose steroids – did not sleep at all last night. Tomorrow if it is still elevated will probably get some plasmapheresis.

Daniel and Sophie with Nina and me

Happy Halloween! Had a very fun day today although definitely overdid it (a lot) and I am super sore tonight. Thank you to all the folks who came over to help with babysitting yesterday and Christine for the help today, especially with handing out the Halloween candy. I had two massive bags of candy from Costco and cleaned out the pantry and was totally out by 7pm. Crazy! Enjoy the pics!


One thought on “Eleven Months

  1. Sophie and Daniel are soooo cute in their costumes. I am very happy you were home and could enjoy the day together. Hang in there – I am cheering for Brutus.

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