Days are all screwed up….

I find myself with an extra hour this afternoon because my days are all messed up. It’s hard to keep track of day of the week and month when you’re not working – at least for me. Some fun news – my steri-strips started falling off today! Wahoo! (No Jeanne – I still won’t send pictures.) I can’t begin to compete with Daniel and Sophie.

My scars, or at least incision sites, are not as scary as I feared. In fact, they are kind of boring. Really just look like little red lines. My upper abdomen laparoscopic site is fully uncovered; and the top three strips over my belly are now off. The incision over my belly is odd – they totally went around it – so started about 2 inches lower (best guess) and then went around and up. Not sure what I expected – but not that. Why not cut 1 inch to the left or right so I don’t have all this blood and gunk in there? Okay – enough gory details – but I am rather pleased with this progress.

One of the things Lisa and I were advised was not to lift anything over 10 pounds for the next 4-6 weeks; and really watch the amount of strain being put on the abdomen area. Me, being one to push on any direction, decided that I needed to vacuum today. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Pulled something…. The fear with strain around the incisions is the risk of developing a hernia. I don’t think I did that much damage, but was again reminded to take it easy. Who would have thunk that we use our abs for so many things?

I’ve had a lot of questions on what I will need to do differently moving forward with one kidney. Other than drink more water than I already was – recommendations 80 ounces/day; I really shouldn’t use naprosyn (Aleve) and ibuprofen. Which really presents some issues – one – not that I drink a lot – but when I do enjoy an alcoholic beverage or two – I tend to get headaches. Alcohol is metabolized in the liver – so is Tylenol. Thus, will really need to think carefully about that 2nd drink – looks like lots of designated driving for me! Speaking of headaches, today is the first day since October 19th that I haven’t had one. That’s another high point of my day. It hasn’t been a bad headache, but one of those nagging, annoying ones that just wouldn’t give up. Ibuprofin has always been my friend. 😦 The other interesting thing about Ibuprofin – which is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) is it’s part of the family of drugs most commonly used to treat arthritis and other joint pain. People with arthritis cannot donate their kidney! Now, I need to prevent it….

Another question to answer – one of my hopes pre-surgery was less urine output…. Not getting that wish. No change whatsoever there – you drink a lot of water, it must go somewhere. Oh well – a girl can always dream.


3 thoughts on “Days are all screwed up….

  1. Dear Sarah,

    Take it easy!! We are so happy you are doing so well. Hope to see you, Brin and Gobzilla soon.

    Love from Barry & Maren

  2. Sarah,
    Take care of yourself! Pictures are always fun. Pat

  3. I wish you’d just frickin take it easy for once! What the hell do you have to vacuum anyway?!

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