Mysterious Ailment

a little bit of ornery

Those of you who know me, know that I’m the direct, sometimes step on toes, not always diplomatic in my approach type person. So, you may question this new ailment I mentioned the other day as actually being “new”. As part of this donating a part of my body to another, I’ve really been taking a hard look at my life. Not spending too much time dwelling on the past, I can’t change that – but focusing on the present and the future. This is allowing me to determine what am I most thankful for, what I actually ENJOY doing and what are those things that perhaps I can do without. Unfortunately, for those that work with me – this introspection has crossed over into my professional life. And where in the past – I may have answered a request with – of course, I’d be glad to do that for you – I’m now finding myself questioning why I’m being asked to do something, and sometimes saying – get ready….NO! This has kind of surprised some folks. What? I asked someone to present or to review and fill in blanks and they are questioning it? Now, I am being diplomatic and trying to be helpful in this process, but I’m really learning that people don’t like to be questioned. Thus, in a conversation with a very bright more medical friend – she suggested that the removal of Brutus has stopped the suppression of a sort of orneryinhibitor enzyme. Yep….I’m more ornery with only one kidney! What has been interesting – is a number of things I’m asked to do – when I push back – the person isn’t sure why I’m doing it. It’s just the way it’s always been done. And you know what – this type of thing spills into our personal lives too. So while maybe questioning behaviors and expectations is a bit heightened in me, I don’t think it’s the result of only one kidney, but more the result of a fairly significant life change. One that is making me realize the importance of simplification, streamlining, getting rid of baggage, etc – and it’s something that everyone can do. I’m convinced we make this world much too complicated.


Now then – this was my first full week back at work. I think I only took a nap one day. I’m having some minor problems with my IV site. I sent Lisa a text on Wednesday asking her if it’s normal for my IV site to be escalating in pain. I guess that’s a no! I was meeting some friends for lunch that day – both MD’s – who graciously looked at it. Basically, (from my internet research) it seems to be fairly common – but there is nothing that can be done other than hot compresses to reduce the swelling. However, if my wrist area or arm starts turning red – I’ll be presenting to the ER. For now, hot compresses seem to be working – my pain is reduced (no longer radiating to my fingers) but there is still swelling. I do have to say, if this is the extent of my surgical complications – I really feel blessed! I’m mainly back to wearing “normal” clothes – in that I no longer need to wear sweats to alleviate pressure on my tummy. Today I’m actually in jeans I haven’t worn in a year! The dogs got an 80 minute walk this morning – and we all felt great afterwards. Well, I assume they felt great, they came home and ran around the yard like idiots. I then finished my fall planting of mums and some more spring bulbs. The Buckeye football team prevailed yet again this week and I learned while one of our blog followers hasn’t actually converted to a Buckeye fan from a Wolverine status – Brutus is encouraging some more open-minded thinking (hmmm…wonder if this could work in our government some how?).

So with that, I encourage everyone in this week of Thanksgiving to also think about the concept of importance. What’s important to you? What can you change in your life so that you have more time for those important things?


3 thoughts on “Mysterious Ailment

  1. Thank you Sara for not only giving Lisa one of your kidneys but sharing your experiences and thoughts with all of us. I will be keeping this posting in mind this week as my family and I celebrate the day. Thank you.

  2. Did I tell you Bob and I went to the Buckeye bar and watched the game Saturday… great fun.

  3. I lіkе whаt yоu guуs arе up alѕo. Suсh ѕmart work аnd rеportіng! Carry on thе exсеllent workѕ guуs I hаvе іncоrрoratеd уou guys to my blogrоll. I thіnk it'll іmрrоve thе valuе of mу sіte 🙂

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