After eating too much over the past couple days, I need something to keep me busy. So before I head upstairs to finish HP: Deathly Hallows so I can go see the movie tomorrow I thought it would be nice to revisit my pre-surgery hopes on Thanksgiving.

So, as we move forward….what I’m hoping:
1. That both Lisa and I have the outcomes the UCD surgical team seems so sure of…
This one seems to be so far so good. I’m feeling quite fine, but the amount of food I’ve eaten these past couple days may be causing my stomach to press on my incision area and thus re-awake some discomfort. At last check, the kidney is doing well with Lisa and she is mending as well.

2. That I don’t get a headache!
The coke at 3:15 am pre-surgery did the trick. No headache when I woke up from surgery. I did have major cotton mouth and all I wanted was water. Which I was denied for hours! I got ice chips. Yippee! But, the hope was realized.

3. That only having one kidney will mean I pee less often (and anyone who shops with me should have this hope too!)
This is the one that really pisses me off. Still peeing. A lot. Might need to give away part of my bladder. (just kidding!)

4. That I don’t drive Mary and Bob nuts during my forced stay in Denver
As far as I know they weren’t having midnight discussions about how to get me out of their house earlier than planned. On the day I left, Mary did NOT take me to the airport 6 hours pre-flight just to get rid of me – so don’t think I drove them tooooo crazy. As I’ve mentioned before, so entirely thankful for their hospitality and lovely place to recuperate.

5. That my dogs are super well behaved and LOVE leash walking when I pick them up
Hmmm…this is a tough one. They are much better trained. They are especially good at “waits” – they have to wait before going outside, going out the gate, eating, getting in the car. They are MUCH better at stays – as long as Gabby’s tail wagging doesn’t count against her. Brin is better at stay then Gabby. Leash walking – they are better – but still need constant reminders. Overall, it’s up to me to keep them trained – but having them at DDW for 3 weeks was an incredible blessing.

6. That Bingley, Brin and Gabzilla are having a wonderful time at Denver Dog Works
They don’t talk. I don’t know.

7. That our families and friends aren’t too distressed by all of this.
Overall, I think this hope has been achieved as well. I know I have family members that continue to think I’ll need some special sort of attention since I only have one kidney – but I think I have everyone else firmly convinced that I’m perfectly fine.

So for me, once again – it’s time to be thankful for everyone who has sent notes of support and who have really buoyed my spirits during this journey. I’m extremely thankful (and blessed) that I continue to be in excellent health and it allowed me to donate in the first place. I could go on and on and on – but will just say – thanks to all of my friends and family and those of you who continue to help Lisa out! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


One thought on “Thanksgiving

  1. You know of course we were happy to have you and the guest room is always there for you.

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