Hello World

The title of a Lady Antebellum song, and a good description of how I feel since surgery. First, a public comment on Lisa’s Love, Luck, Loss and God post. This may seem rather naïve, but I never realized how much we actually had in common and how much this journey has changed us in similar ways. Maybe it’s a function of being ambitious and successful in our chosen profession, but like Lisa – I hate asking for help. I hate admitting any kind of weakness. And am darn right stubborn about it. But where I feel lucky is that I had the ability to help. And help in a way that really challenged me. This journey has made me find incredible strength to just get tested to see if I was a match, and then the courage to go through with it. Even though Lisa gave me an out nearly every week ( and sometimes daily!). Like Lisa commented – I also agree that everything happens for a reason and there are lessons to be learned from every experience. This journey has pushed me out of my safety zone. Out of the comfort zone that I had established; sometimes into the center of attention where I don’t like to be. I’m a middle child – I’m used to being the quiet one that can pretty much skate through situations without causing commotion. So this experience has been incredible incentive to open up, to share my feelings, to share this experience, and to even acknowledge my weaknesses. Now then, the God thing. Lisa and I actually talked about the number of people who have commented or sent notes about how they were praying for us. It’s fascinating to me that so many people expressed, publicly, their belief in prayer. And I know that those prayers were answered. I don’t think that God promises us a life full of roses, but I do believe we’re only challenged with what we can handle and learn from. I actually pray/talk to God when I’m out walking the dogs. That’s my worship place – the great outdoors. I prayed before I had my labwork done to see if I was a match – at that point it was more about living through a blood draw. And I asked for the courage to go through with the transplant should I indeed match. During the period that the transplant center was looking for a closer match, I prayed that they made the right decision, and if I was still needed that I would still have that strength to go through with it. And of course, my prayers were always for the best outcome. I feel incredibly blessed to have had this experience and now know I need to take advantage of all live has to offer. So Hello World – my old friend. I’m looking forward finding my next challenge and just embracing each and every day.
I don’t have much of a medical update. As I mentioned in my last post, we’ve been watching my blood pressure. I’m not particularly scientific with my observations – and accept the best reading on any given day. That might be cheating…. But right now it’s in normal range. I’ve been doing a little research on the topic of hypertension and will post that in the near future because it’s really important for EVERYONE not just a person with one kidney (or Lisa’s collection). My IV site issue seems to have resolved. My torso scarring is looking a lot more like the picture Lisa posted a few weeks ago. My weight loss is a bit stalled due to the holidays and that I like to bake. It’s essential to taste test all products! But my activity levels remain high and overall, I still feel pretty darn good. On days when I’m tired, I really don’t know that I can attribute that to kidney donation. It’s more likely due to a grey cat that thinks that 4:30 a.m. is a splendid time to be fed…..


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