It’s Christmas evening, and after a very enjoyable day – I found myself pondering what my favorite gift had been this year. My day started with an early (and rather chilly) walk with Brin and Gabby. And I’m certainly blessed and thankful for the gifts that come with having pets (Bas and Kirby too!). After that walk, my friend Tim and I went over to Placitas to check out a hiking trail there. Another gift – the ability to move my legs, observe and enjoy the great outdoors with good conversation. Back home, and I rounded up Brin and Gabs and we headed north to my sister Kris’s. She was working today, so I took my dogs, her dogs, and her neighbor’s dog for a walk. I’m not sure why, but at my house Gabby needs to be on a leash – up there – she runs wild, but always circles back. Anyway, the dogs (all 5 of them) were acting like puppies today – the gift of joy and amusement from watching the dogs cavort! Kris and I then met up at our friend Deborah’s house for dinner and we exchanged gifts both at Deborah’s and back at Kris’s. I received many wonderful things from my friends and family and won’t bore you with the details – but is it wrong to be super excited about 3 pairs of smartwool socks? And of course the pictures of my nephews are super special! But in really pushing myself, while I LOVE everything I received today – it struck me that the gift with most meaning this year is life. And I think I’m finally getting (and yes, for being brilliant it sometimes takes me a while to catch on to the simple things….) what this kidney donation means to Lisa, her friends and family. Last year at this time, Lisa was grasping for life, something most of us take for granted. Many of us have other friends or family members who are sick or who have battled cancer or some other chronic illness; and most of us have suffered loss of a loved one. And I’m sure you wondered if there is anything you could do/could have done for that loved one – but most times we can’t do anything but be supportive, considerate and kind. I may have gone a bit beyond that this year – but am happy to say that Lisa is alive and I’m alive. And, if you are reading this – you my friend – are also alive. And that, I believe is the greatest gift we have each and every day. And on this Christmas night 2010 – it is that for which I am most thankful.

I subscribe to a daily email from – one of the quotes received this past week: Take care of yourself, you never know when the world will need you. (Rabbi Hillel). As we all reflect on yet another holiday season, I think it’s important to realize that we are all needed in different ways….

I hope that everyone is having wonderful holidays in 2010. And I’m looking forward to a spectacular 2011!


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  1. Happy Holidays to you!

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