My First Bath

So tonight I took the first bath since I delivered the babies 14 months ago.  I am actually not a huge bath person – never seem to find the time, but the fact that I was unable to take a bath due to my dialysis catheter – was quite irritating and a constant reminder of the lack of normalcy of my life.  The catheter finally came out a few weeks ago, once it appeared like things were stable and I was not going to need it, and I am healed up enough to finally have a soak in the tub.  It was lovely.

Life has indeed settled into a new normal.  I am doing well; Brutus is performing and my creatinine has bounced between 1.1 and 1.35 or so.  Of course every time it bounced up into the 1.3’s I have a panic attack but it has behaved and bounced back down after that.  We have dropped the prednisone down to 10 mg, which is great and I am hoping some of the side effects – such as my round face, fat neck and increased weight, will get better soon.  I had a little trouble with my white blood count (WBC) – it got very low, into the neutropenic range, putting me at serious risk of infection.  We tried stopping some of the medicine first, like the antiviral pill I was on prophylactically, and when that didn’t work I got a shot of Neupogen, which is typically given to cancer patients after chemotherapy.  That is good stuff – my WBC rebounded within days and is now much better although something we will need to watch closely.

So what does this new normal look like? It is BUSY! On a typical day, I wake at 6 to shower and dress before the babies get up.  They wake at 6:30 or 6:45 and I spend an hour with them getting dressed and playing.  Vilma, their nanny who lives with us, starts work at 7:30 most days, so I bring them downstairs and she feeds them breakfast.  Then I finish getting ready and if I am not hitting the road, I head in to the office.  I work all day and get home by 5:30 when Vilma is off. More play time, baths, bottles and bed by 7:15 or so.  Then I clean up their tsunamis, and go down to the basement to exercise – that has been pretty consistent for the past few months, which I am really happy about.  Dinner at 8:30, then maybe a little work, and then I go off to bed.  I have also been traveling a lot – more than I expected frankly.  I have been on the road 1-3 days most weeks.  All of which doesn’t leave much time to blog.  I am sure Sarah is wondering if I will ever blog again! But here I am and will make more of an effort moving forward.

The kids are doing fantastic, walking and although not taking yet certainly making lots of sounds.  They are interacting a lot more and it so cute then they make each other laugh!  I will try to post some videos tomorrow.  It was great to see Sarah in Denver this week although I am not sure she properly aappreciated our -8 degree weather!


2 thoughts on “My First Bath

  1. Wow – more than one milestones – fantastic!

  2. Lisa,

    Doesn’t taking prednisone suck? Of course, its a miracle for what it does, but I hated that puffy face and the freaking beard that I grew. But is was worth it to have my health. Glad to hear about the bath and here’s hoping you will be able to enjoy more in the future!


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