Passage of Time

It is amazing how fast time goes.  Sixteen months ago today this all started for me when Daniel and Sophie were born and my kidneys went kaput.  I am also just three weeks shy of my 6 month transplant anniversary which is a major milestone.  Most days I almost forget there is this aspect of my life and history.  I was reminded yesterday when I met a resident in clinic (where I was being a doctor, not a patient) who had heard my story and told me how much they had all been pulling for me, even though they didn’t know me.  It was so nice, although I confess at first I didn’t realize what she was talking about.

I don’t identify myself by this medical event although I suspect people think of it when they look at me, especially those who I don’t see often.  This condition doesn’t define me; those of you with chronic diseases or who have had major acute illnesses may relate to this although I would be interested in hearing if you have a different perspective.  I was thinking about this very issue recently when I saw an acquaintance whose family had suffered a catastrophic event.  I think about it every time I see him, and I wonder if he thinks about it all the time (I am sure he does) but if he also wants to live a normal life without having it be top of mind 24/7.  It is something to ponder and consider when talking to folks with major medical issues, especially for clinicians.   

Brutus is doing pretty good overall although creatinine was a little high this week.  I will get it rechecked on Friday.  I blame it on OH State losing in the NCAA.  Sarah, what happened to your boys? Every time OH State loses my creatinine goes up.  At 6 months, hopefully the prednisone will come down and I will drop off some of the other meds. 

Kids are doing great, walking, chatting although not using real words yet, and getting in to everything! Thank god for child proofing. They are getting through their second batch of teeth and learning to use utensils (see photos of practicing using spoons with creamed spinach – NOT a good idea.)  Daniel loves books and music, Sophie is my little adventurer – she loves flying high on the swings and being tossed around in the air.  They love Bingley the dog and a favorite activity is throwing him the tennis ball and then break into peals of laughter when he chases it. 

We are taking our first plane trip alone (i.e. just me and the kids) going to Minnesota for Passover.  Should be interesting! I hope to see some of you when I am in town.


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