I have a terrific life. I love my children and I love being a mother. I have a good job, amazing friends and a wonderfully supportive family. But there is a part of me that is only happy on the road.  It is here that I feel most myself, most at ease and frankly the most joyful.  I have friends who have this same wanderlust – you know who you are.  

I am in Rome.  I have been here for the past day and a half by myself, and I can’t tell you how happy I have been.  There is something about being on your own in a strange city with no responsibilities or obligations, no one else to please, no one to take care of, that is freeing like nothing else in the world. 

I flew in yesterday on United.  I used a mileage ticket to fly first class, although I have to tell you, first class international on United is mediocre at best – they are where coach class was on many Asian airlines a decade ago!  I was supposed to meet my friend Kathleen but because her mother is sick she wasn’t able to join us.  

I took the train into the city and found my hotel, a very nice (if expensive) place close to the main train station. After relaxing for a bit and cleaning up, I headed out and walked the length of the city, seeing the Parthenon, see pics, and many other sights, ending up at the Piazza Navonna where I sat in a cafe and got some dinner.  I walked back via the Roman Forum, which was beautiful at night. 

Some Ambien and a good  night sleep later, I got up and had a fabulous breakfast at my hotel and started out for the day. I had downloaded a Rick Steves app into my new iPad and had loaded several Rome waking tours.  Today I walked the Jewish Ghetto, Traverne, and about 10 more miles of Rome, ending up at the Coliseum. Since y feet were dead at this point, I took the subway back to my hotel. I rested for a while and then had wonderful dinner at a restaurant I found on my “trip advisor” app. Anyone who thinks you can make do without technology any more has not traveled recently or seen all the wonders technology can provide!  

Closing with my favorite “lemoncello” brought gratis by the cute Italian waiter, I am struggling to write this update before collapsing into bed. 

Tomorrow I will meet Caz and Sally at the airport and we are renting a car to drive up our wonderful house in Umbria. 

I couldn’t do this and wouldn’t be here without Brutus. The past 2 years when I couldn’t travel much or leave the country have been far harder than I would have ever expected. Thank you Sarah and Brutus and a very happy 43rd!!!  


One thought on “Rome

  1. Ok I give up. I have been trying to figure out how to post pictures from my iPad and have not been able to figure it out. This is a job for tomorrow. Good night all!

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