It’s Been a While__9 months to be a day late and a kidney short

I’ve been thinking of blogging, but as we all know, thinking is not the same as doing. So, yesterday was the 9 month anniversary of becoming an organ donor. I have to admit it really seems like so long ago. I have been extremely tired lately, to the point of total fatigue on some days and I like to blame it on having one kidney, but reality is – I’m just getting older and it’s darn hot outside! Oh, and that lunatic kitten that started living with us in April thinks 4 am is a great time to pounce on sleeping people. Josey Wales is really a good name for her – I have a few others that are used at 4 am, but they aren’t exactly appropriate for a blog.

I can’t remember if I wrote anything about this after my Utah hiking vacation – but one of the guides at Green Valley Spa has this childlike philosophy on life and it reminded me that sometimes it’s the best way to go. This hiking guide was pretty much like a cat or monkey in his hiking progression – he almost danced up the trails and it was incredible to watch. When I asked him why he hiked the way he did (spinning, hopping, back and side-stepping) he had 2 answers – one is it had a lower impact on the environment and two, it made him happy. And carefree. Hmmm…I need that. So I tried it a bit and felt silly, but then decided, so what? What is wrong with just being silly? Thus, I’ve been seeking silly opportunities.

I was in Ohio last week and my deepest apologies to those friends I didn’t get to see. My personal time was really limited to 1.5 days, I otherwise focused on work or family. Anyway – the highlights – a couple family members and I escaped a cookout (I will not divulge names) and headed to Cake in a Cup. This is an incredible little cupcake shop close to my old stomping grounds on Central Ave, near McCord. The owners won an episode of Cupcake Wars – so I had to try them…right? Oh my. If you live in Toledo or are in the area – go. Don’t think – just go. I may have spoiled my dinner and certainly desert, but eating that chocolate peanut cupcake was fun. And delicious. Next up – a week in Mason, Ohio. It was hotter than hot and super muggy. One night a couple work girlfriends and I went to Kings Island. They told their kids and husbands it was girls’ night (but only of a certain age) and off we went. Dinner…french fries, pop (yes – I was in Ohio, grew up an Ohioan and I call it pop), and ice cream. Graeters ice cream to be exact. Graeters buckeye bash ice-cream – chocolate and peanut butter! We went on a bunch of roller coasters and I screamed my head off and laughed and giggled. Have I mentioned I really enjoyed the french fries and ice cream? I also met my friend Kirsten for lunch. Kirsten and I have known each other since kindergarten and reconnect on Facebook. We met at Cap City Diner in Columbus. And I hate to admit it, but I’m fairly sure I’d been there before, but not sober. It was one of those places where there are memories, but they wouldn’t let themselves out. I won’t say any more about the time I lived in Columbus and why I might have some memory issues from that time. But, it was Bastille Day, so Kirsten and I split some crème brulle. It was all her fault! I think I ate my way through Ohio…..

My nephew Eric returned to New Mexico with me. I was beyond embarrassed when I had a bit of an issue making it through security at the Cleveland airport. I had shopped at Crate and Barrel and totally, I mean totally forgot I bought a cheese knife and it was in my carry on. TSA didn’t like that. My nephew now considers me a criminal. And after dealing with TSA and then being turned over to the Cleveland Metro Police – I kind of feel like one. I was told to NEVER do that again. What never forget? That’s fun – right? While Eric was visiting, we ran a 5k – the Chunky Monkey – free Ben and Jerry’s at the end! And saw the last installment of Harry Potter. I’m super sad the series is over….

In summary – at 9 months, I’m searching for my inner child and found some of it in Ohio until it was cruelly snatched away by TSA (nice rhyme –huh?) , I ate a bunch of ice cream and enjoyed it immensely and am just trying to remind myself to take more time to have fun. Can someone tell my boss that? Now back to trying to get to a normal BMI before the 1 year kidney assessment.