I am not a cat…

As promised, I’m including pics from “the New Adventure”. This is Austin. He’s loosened up a bit today, and is exploring the house. All of the house. This evening, I’m afraid he thinks he’s a cat. He’s been trying to get on the dining table and counters…. He’s still an incredible joy and if you know anyone looking for a super fantastic dog, he will definitely be THE best dog buddy anyone has every wanted. He went to the vet today and pronounced to be around 1 1/2, certainly no 3 year old! He’s perfectly healthy and will get neutered next week (poor guy…). Please share if you know anyone who would give him a good home! You can also go to http://www.luvinlabs.com to see other available pups! Very Handsome BoyWent for a swim


One thought on “I am not a cat…

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