About Sarah (the donor)

I’m probably a pretty unlikely kidney donor.  I hate needles, have really poor veins, have never been in the hospital (other than to visit folks) and avoid pain at all costs. 

Yet, I found myself earlier in 2010 with a friend in kidney failure (see About Lisa) as a result of giving birth to twins.  My part of  this blog is about the journey from finding out about someone in need, through the decision processes (there are many), through the evaluation and donation approval process, to surgery and then the aftermath.  My hope is that folks considering living donation will learn something, have more resources to make their decision, and basically alleviate the stress around this whole process (that’s the selfish part of me)!

I have a lot to be thankful for – good health, supportive family and friends, a houseful of pets, living in beautiful New Mexico and a great job. I think I’m 42, but find that hard to accept – when people indicate I’m an expert in something – I check to see who they are talking about.  Still feel like a kid! I’m originally from Sylvania, Ohio – but have gradually spread my wings to experience Columbus and Lakewood, Ohio; Atlanta Georiga; Washington DC/Alexandria, VA; Mountainbrook, Alabama; Santa Fe and now Rio Rancho, New Mexico. My professional life has been dedicated to health care quality and most specifically to the quality of care delivered to members of health plans (yep! the “villians” of the health care system). We spend millions in health care quality (no – that’s not my salary!)  We get a pretty bad rap – I’m proud of what I do for a living and giving a kidney is an extension of my professional life. 

You’ll find me outside daily – whether walking my dogs (Brin and Gabby), or playing fetch with them (sometimes they even return the thrown item), or gardening. I grow a mean tomato!  I also enjoy some indoor activites: cooking and baking would be top of the list.  Reading – I can do that outside in New Mexico! 

I hope you find this blog informative, useful and possibly inspiring.  And if you are considering living donation (whether as a recipient or a donor), I’m glad to be a resource to you.


13 thoughts on “About Sarah (the donor)

  1. Sarah, Thank you for sharing this blog. I’m here supporting you and look forward to following your journey. God Bless you for being a giving unselfish person. The world would needs more like you.

  2. Sarah, you are remarkable, and I like you already. you also live in a place I used to live. I graduated from UNM, lived there and worked for the Blues for many years. We will enjoy our trips back “home” to Albuquerque. Thank you for what you are doing for Lisa and for being willing to share your journey.

  3. Sarah, we always knew you rocked, but WOW! We wish you the best through everything and look forward to reading all the details as they unfold. What a great resource this blog is and will become. Love to you and to Lisa.

  4. Shannon Mescher

    Sarah – thinking about you every day – this is an amazing journey for both you and Lisa. Please know that I will be praying for you both over the next few months. I am so proud to call you my friend…lucky me! Love you.

  5. Sarah, I’ll be thinking of you and Lisa as you take the next step in this incredible journey. You really are an amazing woman!

  6. Sarah, I’m glad that I caught up with you 🙂 You get my vote for woman of the year!! Truly inspiring story. Best to you and Lisa.

  7. You’re amazing, we’re all lucky to call you a friend. I’ll be praying for you and Lisa this week. Get better, so I can make you green chili enchiladas. 🙂

  8. Thinking about you and Lisa as you move forward on this journey!! Dale and I send our prayers and best wishes.

  9. Thank you, Sarah. Your selfless measure will help my friend, Lisa. I am grateful you are able to do this for her. As surgery draws near, I will be thinking and praying for both of you, the babies, the critters — all involved and your families. It is a great thing what you are doing, a brave and wonderful step to give Lisa a better life. Again, what a blessing you are to us all.

    Lisa’s BCD friend
    Las Vegas, NV

  10. Steve - friend of Lisa

    Sara – your gift to Lisa will change your world and you will be blessed more than you can imagine. Your courage is unmatched.

    My daughter Kelsey has had 3 trasnplants, the third from a total stranger, which has been successful for over a year. I hope to meet you this week when I come visit Lisa….and I KNOW things will go well. Good luck and be prepared for a wonderful life going forward.

    Steve and Kelsey,

  11. Sara, the big day has finally arrived. Our Prayers and best wishes go out to you and Lisa today, and over the next few months for a healthy speedy recovery.

    Aileen, Don, Belita & Macey

  12. Wow Sarah! Glad to hear from your blog that you and Lisa are recovering well. Hope your pain is being managed well. It is such an incredible gift you have given. Will look forward to seeing you when you return to the Land of Manana!

  13. Sarah, I am glad you and Lisa are recovering. We were discussing your donation at HEDIS Update last week. (We know of someone else in dialysis and your donation came up.) I had no idea that the Lisa you are donating to was Lisa from the CPM. I wish you both all the best in your recovery. PS- Tell Lisa I loved her Halloween pictures. My kids went as a cat and mouse this year. The pictures are on my facebook.- Cindy

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