Creatinine up – Lisa down

This is Karen, with a quick update.  Lisa has been going in for routine checkups since leaving the hospital.  They monitor how her new kidney (Brutus) is doing, to make sure it’s working and her body isn’t rejecting it.  The amount of creatinine in her blood or urine is an indication of how things are going.  Well, it’s been creeping up.  When it reached 1.5, it triggered a visit back to the hospital.  That’s not in the panic range, and could just be a little adjustment in the healing processes.  But it’s enough of a concern for her to be checked.  So as of this morning, she’s back at the hospital, and had a plasmapherisis treatment this afternoon.  She’s annoyed, but trying not to make any assumptions.  She’ll stay there overnight for monitoring.  Keep up the prayers and healing thoughts!  We’ll keep you posted.