Day by day

I really mean to blog more often, but this thing called life seems to get in the way. And then there are days that I just want to sit and read or watch tv and have nothing to do with my computer once the workday is over. Anyway – I’ve been a bit bummed and during bummed out times, it’s just hard to write. As I publicly announced a few months ago, I re-joined Weight Watchers. And my first few weeks went very well. But then – I’ve been on this plateau and it’s infuriating. I’ve lost 10 pounds in something like 3 months. In 3 months, if losing 1-2 lbs per week – I should have lost 12-24 pounds. Me, being an overachieving sort feels that 24 should have been the number. But no, I’ve lost 10. And over the past few weeks – nada, zip, nothing. Of course I haven’t really been strictly following weight watchers either – but still. So, about a month ago I signed up with a personal trainer. While I get a great deal of cardio exercise with the super-mutts (Brin and Gabby) and working in the yard, etc. I decided I needed an edge. So, in steps Camila. Camila is a physical therapist, but is also working as a personal trainer while awaiting admission to the University of New Mexico for Medical School. I work with her twice a week, I come home from such sessions exhausted, sweaty, stinky and elated. But, have also shared with her my frustration over this weight loss plateau. I decided I might feel better if my body measurements have changed. Wahoo! Yes! They have! After 4 weeks of training, my body fat % is down 3%, my muscle mass up by over 2%, my resting metabolism has improved, and I’ve lost inches in my waist, chest and calves. My thighs and upper arms have increased – but those are also large muscle groups. So, while the scale seems to indicate I’ve been lazy, eating poorly and otherwise not behaving – it’s a poor judge of character. I’m getting fitter! At first Camila started me out pretty wimpy, but today she had me do pike movements on a balance ball. So – my feet/toes are balanced precariously on one of those big exercise balls – my body is extended, arms in plank or push-up position and I have to use my core to force my rear up into pike. They are hard. I always thought I couldn’t do them. I did 30 today. 🙂 So, while I still want that scale to continue to show weight improvement so that I ultimately hit a normal BMI – I’m pretty darn happy to have made some progress in other areas. All of this is an essential part of my quest to ensure I remain a successful living kidney donor.

Otherwise, I don’t have anything overwhelmingly exciting to report. No animal catastrophes. I still have to push myself to drink 80-90 oz of water per day. I do need to get back on track in choosing better food options and less super sour candy – but that seems to be a day by day, lifetime goal. I hope everyone reading this is well and safe and enjoying their summer. Till next time….